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Frida School is offering attractive commission packages to agents, based on number of students and course duration.

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1.- School capacity and facilities.

- 6 classrooms, they are extended if necessary to 10.

- Housing for up to 6 students in school housing.

- School has internet, cafeteria, and small library. School also has a small kitchen.

2.- Urban transport location.

We have a metrobus just outside the school.

3.- Last minute reservations.

They are accepted, but housing is not guaranteed.

4.- Housing arrival and departure dates.

Sunday afternoon arrival, depart on saturday.

5.- College credit.

Offered, please contact us at and as for a syllabus.

6.- Student composition chart and age.

Most students are: American, German, Canadia, Swedish, Austrian, Brazilian and Japanese.

Seventy percent of our students are aged between 17 and 30. Usually students aged 30 and more feel comfortable in our classes and enjoy to meet people from all over the world.

7.- Cultural activities example.

MONDAY Welcome Party to foreign students.
TUESDAY Mexican Culture video: Frida Kahlo.
WEDNESDAY Museums: Visit to the Museum of Mexican Anthropology
THURSDAY Night Activity: Bars and Discos of Condesa, Mexico. Meeting time: 9 PM.
SATURDAY Weekly excursion to Acapulco. Meeting time 9:00 am.

8.- Internship areas offered and requirements.

Photography: Fotoimagen de Mexico Company

Accounting, business & administration: Various companies.

Marketing: Various companies.

Social event organizer: Various bars, discos and parties.

Tourism info: Tourism offices

Language as foreign language teacher: Various.


* Additional areas are available upon request.

REQUIREMENTS: Please contact us, Curriculum is required.



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