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FAQ Frequently asked questions

All students will receive a diploma when completing their course. We also offer our students the possibility of taking the SIELE Spanish test, since we are one of the only official schools accredited to offer the test elaborated by Instituto Cervantes in our school.

Yes, we offer credits for US students, please contact us prior to arrival to arrange credits, note credit is given for 4 weeks as minimum stay, students have 2 options:

1.- Request our course syllabus and show it to their counselor, we can follow any course topics your counselor requests and also send transcipts.

2.- Get credits though another American Institution, please go here for college credit information.

There are several reasons: we have been in business since 2005; we have qualified teachers, all of them with a degree; we allow students to be certified by taking the SIELE examination by Instituto Cervantes in our school; you will meet other students for sure; we organize different activities each week; we have been featured in US television and theres a reason why we have clients from companies and embassies all the time. We offer: quality, experience, fun and the opportunity to meet others while learning. Finally, we have a great location, this is important in Mexico City, not only are we located in a very popular area near public transport and main attractions but its very safe and the street and building where we are located is nice!

Others have tried to copy us but their facilities are not very good, their location is random (this is important), and their teachers dont even have degrees.

You may start your Spanish language course every Monday if you are not a complete beginner. Otherwise courses start every 2 weeks on Monday.

All courses and fees can be paid on arrival.

No, accommodation is optional to students. But if you need accommodation please book it in advance to guarantee a spot.

We will wait for you at 9:00 am at the school office. Students having little or no knowledge of the Spanish language will attend the first lesson directly. All other students will take a written placement test which enables us to find the appropriate level.

Also, you will be provided with a list of activities to sign up. These require a minimum number of students and you have until Tuesday to return it so we can organize the tours. Schedule for the standard class is normally 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. For Intensive and Super intensive courses schedule normally is 10am-2pm Monday to Friday. plus either 8-10am or 3-5pm. For private lessons you may choose your schedule.

The school provides students with books and notebooks, however, students are required to bring their own dictionaries.

During all levels only Spanish language will be spoken, no use of English or other languages will be permitted during class sessions unless students request it o really need it. Regular courses are divided in 2 sections: grammar and vocabulary sections. Every 2 weeks, students will take a test so we can understand how the group is learning. Every 4 weeks, students will take a test which enables them to pass to the next level.

All teachers are highly qualified. . All our teachers have been specially trained in teaching to foreigners.

Seventy percent of our students are aged between 17 and 30. Usually students aged 30 and more feel comfortable in our classes and enjoy to meet people from all over the world.

Yes, for this we need your arrival details, the cost is $60usd.

Yes, you can take 2 weeks of intensive or super intensive courses financed by a German state, our school is recognized!

Spanish Courses in Mexico

We offer discounts for groups or to individuals who learn Spanish during several weeks.

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